Tattoo villages and the West

Ethno-cultural Adventure Trip

Visit gentle, friendly, exotic tribal people, whose lifestyles and traditions haven’t changed in centuries.

Regarding accommodation in this area, please do not expect any kind of luxury. Only simple and basic accommodation is available. This is a trip for adventurers!


Tattoo faces Chin Ladies, Grand Lotus Tours


Kanpetlet is an old British settlement town, one of the beautiful towns in Chin State, the western part of Myanmar. It is situated 4560 ft above sea level and the temperature is cool year round. It can reached from Bagan by land route, about 8 hours drive. We use Kanpetlet as a base camp before our trekking tour to Mt Victoria. In the villages near Kanpetlet, you will see Chin women with tattooed faces.






 Mt. Victoria

Mount Victoria Grand Lotus ToursMt. Victoria (elevation 10200 ft ) is situated in the Chin Hills which form a southward extension of the Himalayas into Southeast Asia. Locally called Khaw Nu Thoung in Chin language or Natmataung in Burmese, Mount Victoria’s name literally means “Mother of the Spirits” in both languages. It is the highest peak in the lower half of Myanmar. Mount Victoria has now been instituted as a national park (179 sq miles). It is inhabited by over 200 species of birds including the endemic White Browed Nuthatch; the park is very rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Drive to 10 Miles Camp (second base camp of Mt Victoria), on the way past Natma Taung National Park, home to rare wild mammals and 202 species of birds, 5 of which are endangered. Half way up MOUNT VICTORIA at the car park, the trail begins. It’s about a 3 miles hike to the summit. You’ll hike through the somber forest and will be greeted with scenery of the colorful slopes dotted with tall pines and beautiful Taungzalet (Rhododendron) trees. From the peak of Mt. Victoria, take a good moment to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain ranges of India in the distance, before returning to the vehicle.





Chin State ladies Tattoo faces, Grand Lotus Tours

Mindat (Chin Villages)

Mindat can be reached in about 5 hours drive on a bumpy road from the 10 miles camp of Mt Victoria. Mindat is a small town inhabited by Chin people, at about 1500 m above sea level. Thus, the Chins call themselves the “Mountain People”. To observe their way of life, hunting and farming in the mountain, the nearby villages will be explored by hiking. As the traditions and culture of the Chin Ethnic group are a fading quickly, particularly Chin women with tattooed faces in different patterns, it’s high time to go before these traditions disappear. You will return to Bagan by a different way along the Mindat-Kyaukhtu-Saw road viewing thriving physic nut plantations, onion and potato plantations.

This is an adventure for the brave. To explore these areas and Mt Victoria, Grand Lotus Tours can arrange special trips from Bagan. You will need at least 5 days/4 nights. The best time to visit this remote area is from December through March when the weather is at its finest.

We do not offer this tour during the rainy season from May to September as during and right after the rainy season, the road between Kanpetlet and Mindat may not be practicable.