Golden Rock and the South

Untouched natural beauty and spirituality


Golden Rock pilgrimage site, Grand Lotus ToursKyaikhtiyo is located about 4 hours away from Yangon by car. The main attraction is the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, also known as the Golden Rock.

This spectacular site is located on the edge of a high cliff, a very popular pilgrimage destination for all Burmese. The famous golden boulder seem to be precariously balancing on the cliff’s edge. It is said that a hair of Buddha is enshrined in the pagoda and that is keeping the rock from falling. In Mon language, Kyaikhtiyo means “the pagoda carried on the hermit’s head”.

Regular vehicles stop at the Kinpun Base Camp, at the foot of the hill. From there you will be taken by a special truck up to YetaeTaung where you will start your hike uphill for about 45min to the Golden Rock Summit.

The Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is one of the most ancient and most visited of all pagodas in Myanmar.




Malawmyine (Moulmein)

Malawmyine (formerly Moulmein), Grand Lotus Tours

Malawmyine (formerly Moulmein) is the capital and largest city in Mon State and is populated with a majority of Mon people. Its name originally means “ruined eye” and it is said that this is where a Mon king lost his powerful eye.

It is now renowned because of its seaport, the new market, some famous pagodas, the newly constructed bridge and Malawmyine University. It is also where the main railway line connects Yangon in the north and the southern town of Ye.

On the coast of Tanintharyi, it is the third largest city in Myanmar, with a population of 300,000. The population is estimated as 75% ethnic Mon, with minorities of Bamar, Anglo-Burmese, Karen, Indian and Chinese. During colonial times, Moulmein was the British capital of Burma and therefore had a substantial Anglo-Burmese population; an area of the city is still known as ‘Little England’.

George Orwell spent many years in Moulmein and his novel, Burmese Days is a description of his experiences in this endearing city.

In those days, many engaged in the management of rubber plantations; however nowadays their number has dwindled to all but a handful of families as most have left for the UK or Australia.


Death Railway, Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, Grand Lotus ToursThanbyuzayat is 65 kilometres south of the port of Mawlamyaing. The Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery lies at the foot of the hills which separate Myanmar from Thailand and was created by the Army Graves Service as the town was the terminus of the infamous Death Railway. There are now 3,149 Commonwealth and 621 Dutch graves of the Second World War in the cemetery.






Kawthaung, gateway to the Andaman Islands, Grand Lotus ToursKawthaung is at the southernmost part of Myanmar. During British rule, it was known as Victoria Point.

Andaman Club Resort Hotel located on Thahtay Kyun Island, about half an hour trip by boat from Kawthaung or Ranong. The club is famous for casino gambling, the only international gambling place in Myanmar.

Not far from the town, there are Kayin Kwa and other such as Myauk Ni and Salone Islands, a part of Mergui Archipelago. These are great places for scuba diving and other sea activities since the place can be regarded as still virgin.

Nearby Kawthaung, there is a small waterfall and hot spring at Maliwun village, 24 miles north from the town. Nowadays it can be reached within half an hour by car by a good paved road.