Golden Triangle and the East

Adventure Trip Visit gentle, friendly, exotic tribal people, whose lifestyles haven’t changed in centuries.

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong (Kengtung) is the capital of Eastern Shan State and known as a treasure trove of traditional architecture with old-style houses with intricately designed wooden balconies so characteristic of Shan architecture. This out of the way region is rich in culture, breathtaking scenery and friendly people. Grand Lotus Tours will take you shopping at the market that is held every five days. You’ll get a chance to watch the pros bargain and then get to try a bit of haggling on your own.

Akha lady with headdress, Golden Triangle, Grand Lotus Tours

Grand Lotus Tours offers you the adventure of a lifetime trekking to several hill tribe villages to see the different customs each tribe practices. The well-known tribes of Kyaing Tong that Grand Lotus Tours enjoys good relationships with are the Akha, Ann and Palaung. Please don’t be worried as it’s not a strenuous hike to meet these friendly people. Grand Lotus Tours provides transportation to the hiking trail and with lots of drinking water and porters for your baggage. Just carry your camera.

To take advantage of all this area, Grand Lotus Tours recommends you spend at least two or three days. The highlights are MahaMuni Temple, Wat Phrathadjonkham, Wat Inn and the central market of Kyaing Tong. We also suggest a pleasant evening walk around the lake of Naung Ton and a magic sunset viewing from Lone Tree Hill.


Lashio is the largest town in northern Shan State, the major settlement is Shan and Chinese Lashio is bordering with Yunan province of China. The famous Burma Road built by the British before the War, intersects with the Ledo Road leading into the Yunnan province. One of the highlights is to enjoy the spectacular scenic views of the Shan plateau traveling one way by a winding road and the other way by train with twisting and turning switchbacks. Crossing over the historic Gotheik viaduct is an unforgettable experience. There is a hot spring near Lashio which is always crowded with local pilgrims who come to enjoy the naturally warm bath as they believe bathing here will purify body and mind.

Hsipaw (Thipaw)

Tribal man with pipe, Golden Triangle, Grand Lotus Tours


Hsipaw is a Shan town, and was the local capital of a Shan principality.
The old wooden traditional Haw, Palace of the Sawbwa was destroyed by bombing during the last World War, but you can visit the interesting modern Sawbwa’s residence built during colonial times by Sawbwa Sao Ohn Kya who ruled Hsipaw from 1928 to 1938. There is a large local market in the center of the town, with cinemas, small guest houses and restaurants near the bus station. The Haw is at the northern end of the town and the main pagoda, the Maha Myatmuni Paya is right at the southern end. The roads are parallel to the Namtu or Dokhtawaddy River with its clear, cool waters against a backdrop of hill and mountains.



A small town on the banks of the Shweli River, Muse is the main border gateway between Myanmar and Yunnan Province (China). Located 190 km from Lashio, it is a bustling trading center. Namkham and Kyukoke are nearby border towns.