Why Grand Lotus ?

Our service

At Grand Lotus Tours, we take special care to coordinate all the components of your trip in a seamless way, allowing you the traveler to enjoy every moment, every experience knowing that all you have to worry about is living the moment. We know that your experience lies in all the small attentions that contribute to enriching your journey.

Our country

Myanmar as a country is rich in history, traditions and spectacular scenery. As a developing country, we face a number of challenges and we are determined to avoid pitfalls unfortunately all too obvious in some neighboring countries. Grand Lotus Tours is guided by the strong belief that Tourism can make a meaningful contribution to our country and we wholeheartedly adhere to the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Our approach to sustainability

With the clear objective of contributing to build a sustainable tourism industry, we promote and enact the following crucial guidelines.

  • Safeguarding and valuing the rich biodiversity and environmental integrity of our land,
  • Developing new tourism packages focusing on Nature and Ethnic Diversity,
  • Ensuring that our tours do not contribute to any form of sexual tourism,
  • Working towards the elimination of child labor and human trafficking,
  • Adopting sustainable and responsible corporate practices by our participation in the Travelife program.
  • For more information on our sustainability practices, please read here.

Our active participation in relief and reconstruction operations in times of duress like the recent floods that afflicted good parts of the country (2016) or fundraising to the tune of USD$600 000, reconstructing villages, their power grid, clean water supply, providing medical treatment and rebuilding schools at the time of cyclone Nargis (2009) are but a few examples of how serious we are about corporate social responsibility.

Our team

Grand Lotus Tours staff have been operating in the tourism industry since Myanmar first opened its doors to travelers and as a result, we are among the most experienced travel and tour operators in the country. When it comes to luxury travel, we are the experts. We provide service of exceptional quality and our years of experience ensure that we know what it takes to make your journey an unforgettable one.

Each of our clients is provided with their own personal travel consultant, who will help select or design an itinerary to suit the client’s personal taste – that’s why we want you to tell us what you prefer. We strive for excellence and we are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure that your journey satisfies – or surpasses – your hopes and expectations.

Our travel consultants and ground staff will work with great care to ensure that you experience nothing but the ultimate in comfort and luxury. We have that keen eye for detail to make sure everything you need is ready at hand – and more. Whether it’s an ice-cold bottle of water to quench your thirst or making sure transport is on time and waiting for you, we are always working to ensure everything runs smoothly, with clockwork precision.

Having worked in the industry for so many years, we have built strong personal relationships with the owners of luxury transportation services and over 100 hotels and resorts. Whether it’s a suite at the Governor’s Residence or the exquisite Colonial Suite at the Strand Hotel, we know how to materialize it for you. Most of all, what distinguishes us from other operators is our expert knowledge of what makes Myanmar so magical and exotic.

This is why we can say with confidence :

No one tells the story of Myanmar like we do !