Sustainability policy

Grand Lotus Tours is a certified partner of

Travelife and as such has committed to

the following action plan.



Labor conditions

  • We abide by all Myanmar labor laws.

Reduce energy consumption through:

  • Replacing all light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Implement a ‘switch off’ policy in the office for lights, air conditioning and office equipment.
  • Ensure all equipment works efficiently through regular, systematic maintenance programs.
  • Ensure all vehicle operators are aware of energy conservation measures such as turning off engines when waiting for clients.

Reduce Water consumption

  • Ensure toilet flushes are ecofriendly through dual flush.
  • Ensure there are no leaks in the water pipes system.
  • Don’t keep taps running.
  • Wash up using bowls.


  • Reduce reliance on plastic bags in the office and business. Support locally made reusable bags.
  • Use reusable water bottles, cups and lunch containers.
  • Use environmental or natural cleaning products to reduce pollution.
  • Print on both sides of paper.
  • Purchase recycled or sustainable certified paper
  • Request tourists pack any used batteries to take home and recycle as there are limited recycling options in Myanmar.


  • Support local purchasing when quality, service, availability and price allow.
  • Provide donations to local community causes
  • Work with social enterprises or local producers to provide giveaways for clients or local souvenirs


  • Inform all suppliers of our commitment to Travelife sustainability management.


  • We aim to provide tourists with relevant information to encourage responsible tourism behavior.


  • We only use hotels that adhere by local Myanmar Labor laws and do not engage in any activity that is harmful tochildren e.g labor or child sex tourism.


We will reduce printing paper usage by 60% in the next year.

We will reduce waste from the office by 10 % over a year.
We will reduce energy bills in the office by 10 % over a year.
We will reduce water usage by 10 % over a year.
For more information on our sustainability policy, please contact our sustainability coordinator :

Miss Aye Mon at