Specialty Tours

Luxury Tour

Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Ngapali, Yangon, 8 days 

Grand Luxury tour, Grand Lotus Tours


If you want to feel like royalty and visit Myanmar in Grand Style, let Grand Lotus Tours organize for you what we do best. Our privileged relationship with the best hotels and most luxurious resorts allows us to provide the best money can buy. You will get your money’s worth in terms of luxury, exclusivity and privileged experience.





Photography Tour

Yangon, Bagan, Kyaing Tong, Inle, Yangon, 8 days

Grand Lotus Tours, photo tour


This tour is specifically crafted for serious photographers. In each destination, our professional photographer-guides know where and at what time to capture the best shots. They can procure live models or props such as parasols or handicraft items to help you capture magazine quality photos. Visit the most important sites with a special focus on photography.




Cultural Tour

Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Yangon

Grand Lotus Tours, Shan dancers


This tour was specially created for those who want to go deeper into the cultural aspect of their visits. Our expert guides will feed you mountains of information and answer all questions so that you come home not only entertained but also more educated. The tour provides insights about Buddhism, popular beliefs and legends, social issues, in a word: a more profound understanding of Myanmar.

Biking Tours

Grand Lotus Tours biking tripsGrand Lotus Tours is proud to offer you the best cycling tours available in all of Myanmar. Whether it’s your summer vacation or winter escape, you will enjoy exploring the vast landscape of this incredible country riding a bike.

Cycling is the perfect way to explore Myanmar at your own pace while visiting some of the most stunning natural, historical and archaeological sites in all of Myanmar. The landscape of the country has many unique geographical features, and the varied texture of its landscape offers many cycling routes of varying difficulty, catering for cyclists of all levels – from beginners to experienced and professional athletes.

A Grand Lotus Tours cycling adventure is more than a mere bike ride. This is a chance for you to indulge your senses and immerse yourself in Myanmar’s sights, sounds and smells. For a brisk but leisurely ride, you can coast across the sweeping flat plains, past acres of orchards, fields and rice paddies. Cruising along, you will punctuate your journey with stopovers at small villages, meet different hill tribe peoples and learn about their customs, culture, and even sample some of their cuisine.

Alternatively, if you feel like a challenge, you may choose to take on the knuckled, rugged mountains of Shan State, climbing the incredibly steep inclines and then enjoying the thrill hurtling back down the hills. Shan State is famous for its fresh mountain air and offers a variety of cycling routes with many different types of surfaces – uphill, downhill, on-road or off: the choice is yours.

Whether you choose to bring your own bike or hire one, Grand Lotus will provide you with everything you need for your journey: bikes, safety gear and any spare supplies you may need. With her panoramic landscapes and fresh clean air, Myanmar is a cyclist’s dream waiting to be discovered.

Grand Lotus Tours is offering you exceptional quality and value. Enjoy time-tested itineraries, a variety of cycling routes, full support, expert trip leaders, outstanding hotels and regional cuisine.

Museum Tour

Grand Lotus Tours Museum tour

For those travelers who want to explore our culture in depth, those who like the true and complete information, a visit to a museum is a must. In Yangon National Museum, the remaining artifacts of the last monarch, King Thibaw, including his throne, several spectacular palanquins, ornate chairs and other gem studded furniture will attest to the true grandeur of the royals in their time. A large section is devoted to the different tribal groups of Myanmar and will provide an understanding of Myanmar’s ethnic diversity.

In Bagan, most of the smaller objects found in the temples are on display at the Bagan Archaeological Museum and we can arrange a visit with expert historians or archaeologists to better understand the significance of each display.

In Mandalay, the Royal Palace museum is also quite fascinating and an educational visit.

Additionally, we can suggest visits to specific art galleries that will provide a glimpse into traditional and contemporary Burmese art.


Archaeological Studies

Grand Lotus Tours Archaeological studiesMyanmar is an ancient land full of timeless treasures waiting to be explored. Most magnificent of all is Bagan, a crumbling city of ancient ruins dating back to the 11th century. A city of kings in centuries past, Bagan once boasted more than 13,000 grand palaces, pagodas and other religious structures. However over the centuries, Bagan has fallen to several invasions and conquests, and today approximately 2,500 temples remain standing. Bagan has been nominated for listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other archaeological sites of interest include the ancient Pyu cities Beikthano, Halin, and Tharay-Khit-taya. These cities are located in the Magway and Sagaing Divisions, and were built by the Pyu people from the 1st to the 9th centuries AD. Stone and metal artifacts and sculptures uncovered in these cities indicate that the Pyu people, who are now extinct, were among the pioneers of Buddhism in Myanmar. However no inscriptions or images of Buddha have been unearthed so far, suggesting that Buddhism was still emerging at this time, and had not quite flourished yet. The Pyu cities have also been nominated for listing as World Heritage Sites.

Myanmar also has many other ancient cities, including Dhannawaddy (6th century BC), Mrauk U (15th century AD) and Tagaung (10th Century AD). Many of these cities were the capitals of kingdoms past, and to this day remain mostly untouched and unexplored. Please contact us if you would like to book an archaeological tour to one of these amazing destinations.

Trekking Tours

Grand Lotus Tours trekking toursMyanmar is the perfect destination for those who really want to head off the beaten track. Over 75% of our land mass is covered by vast expanses of mountains and jungles, with many areas of unexplored wilderness. With so many mountains and jungles, Myanmar offers many different trekking routes that will satisfy everyone: from the first-time trekker to the boldest adventurer.

On the outskirts of Inle Lake in southern Shan State lie the misty mountains and jungles of Pindaya and Kalaw. This region is renowned for producing some of Myanmar’s finest teas. Southern Shan State also has many small villages, home to many of different hill tribe people like the Shan, Intha, Pa-O, Lisu, Lahu and Palaung.

For those especially intrepid, there is also Kaw Nu Symm (Mount Victoria), which lies deep in the forests of Chin State. Chin State, like Nagaland, is rich in biodiversity and wildlife, and still remains mostly isolated. Many of its natives have never had contact with the outside world, and only a very privileged few have ever laid their eyes on this secluded pocket of the world. Grand Lotus Tours has experienced guides who are ready to take you on the trekking adventure of a lifetime, and we are just a phone call or email away…

Incentive Trips

Grand Lotus Tours Incentive trips

Grand Lotus Tours often organizes special incentive trips for companies that would like to reward their best employees, sales people or administrators. We are able to arrange any special event that will make your guests feel very special. Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride over Bagan or Inle Lake, a private cruise in the unspoiled Myek Archipelago, a special dinner set up among the temples in Bagan or an exciting elephant ride in the lush forests of Kachin state, Grand Lotus Tours has it all. We are used to special requests and will always provide that exclusive experience that your guests will never forget.




Alumni Programs


Grand Lotus Tours Alumni programs

Grand Lotus Tours is pleased to present Alumni Associations with the opportunity to take a journey that is both exciting and educational. We offer a wide range of relaxing yet intellectually stimulating trips across Myanmar to see the exotic and unique. We will organize for distinguished experts and academics to accompany you on your journey, to deliver lectures and answer questions that your group may have about Myanmar’s art, history and culture. Executive suites, luxury cruise ships and private jets: Grand Lotus Tours has everything at its fingertips to provide your Alumni Association with a unique travel experience.


Grand Lotus Tours Honeymoon

People say that there is an air of romance about Myanmar that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A fantasy land burning with a rich spiritual energy, Myanmar is the ultimate destination for newlyweds to consummate their love.

Enjoy leisurely strolls along secluded white-sand beaches, take a romantic ride along the idyllic Inle Lake, and be blessed in a traditional Buddhist ceremony in one of Bagan’s thousands of holy temples. Let us advise and design your itinerary, and Grand Lotus Tours will take care of all logistics, leaving you carefree to spend your time together. Classic candle-lit dinners at 5-star resorts and tender nights under thousands of shimmering stars…

Myanmar has everything to give you a dream honeymoon that will leave you with memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Private Jet Travel

Grand Lotus Tours private jet travelIf you are traveling by private jet, Grand Lotus Tours provides all the services you will need, so you can maximize your valuable time enjoying and experiencing the wonders of Myanmar. We are one of the only tour operators in Myanmar who have experience organizing private jet tours. We know what has to be done when you want to link your destinations to create unique, personalized itineraries that will enable you to, for example, explore several exotic destinations in the one day. Now we can make every flight a direct flight, giving you flexibility and freedom.

Grand Lotus Tours has each airport’s contact details and all the relevant information that you will need to obtain flight permits and landing clearance. Our travel consultants can take care of all the paperwork for you, and organize any additional services that you may need, such as all ground handling services for your aircraft.

Now you can travel in Myanmar with as much privacy as you please. Wave goodbye to check-in queues, and avoid the hassle of waiting to collect your luggage, enjoying your journey with peace of mind as our ground staff handle everything for you. Please see our tour programs or contact us so we can assist to design an itinerary that suits you.