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The Balloon Flights


Over Bagan

Balloon flight over Bagan, Grand Lotus Tours


While a visit to the Bagan archaeological zone is a must for any visitor to Myanmar, the Royal Way to see the temples and pagodas is without a doubt by taking a hot air balloon flight. Passengers get picked up at dawn from their hotel and are ferried to the departure site, offered a cup of coffee or tea and some snacks before a short briefing on the day’s flight. The view from above is breathtaking as the Bagan plain reveals all of it’s treasures. The immensity of the site takes its full meaning as you glide over more than 4000 temples, pagodas and stupas.  After a 40 minutes flight, the ground crew meets the passengers at the landing point and offer a glass of champagne before returning, exhilarated, to the hotel for the breakfast proper.



Over Inle Lake

Balloon flight over Inle Lake

Your journey commences with an early morning flight over Inle Lake, home to the Inthar people. The pilots carefully use their knowledge of the winds to steer the balloon over the floating villages and water gardens. Breakfast is taken either on your special retrieve boat in the middle of the lake or next to one of the beautiful Shan villages wherever we land. To fly over the lake in a balloon, has to be one of the most beautiful ways to experience one of Myanmar’s most scenic and cultural attractions.



Over Mandalay

Balloon flight over Mandalay, Myanmar


Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and is the center of the Burmese culture. See the Royal City from up high, gliding in the basket of a hot air balloon. Starting in 2016, Balloon flights will allow visitors to see the Royal Palace complex and it’s moat, Mandalay Hill, the ancient capitals of Amarapura and the famous U-Bein bridge in the distance, long lines of saffron robed monks canvassing neighborhoods for the morning Alm-Giving, the busy life of the city as well as river activity on the Ayearwaddy. Discover hidden treasures that can only be seen from above with an exhilarating and exclusive flight : the best way to start a day of visit in Mandalay. A glass of French sparkling wine after landing completes the surreal experience.




Over Ngapali

Balloon flight over Ngapali, Grand Lotus Tours

So, you spend a week relaxing at the beach in Ngapali. After a few days, having done all the excursions available, you need a bit of excitement. Why not take a hot air balloon flight above the coastline of the Bay of Bengal ? See the villages and their small markets, the numerous golden pagodas, the graceful Kissapanadi river meandering through the town of Thandwe. Enjoy the splendor of the coastal jungle, alive with a myriad of birds as your balloon glides at treetop level. As the balloon soars again, you will appreciate the global view of distant hills, the white sandy beaches and fishermen in their small skiffs catching tonight’s dinner.



Sightseeing with the Elephant Coach in Yangon

The Elephant coach Yangon, Grand Lotus Tours


Enjoy this classy style of travel in Myanmar with the lavishly restored antique post-Colonial Chevrolet passenger bus. You will experience an amazing way to visit the classic sights of Yangon, you will discover the heritage of mystic Myanmar, its beautiful people and its rich history in the luxurious comfort of this handcrafted masterpiece.




A Dinner at the Wine Cellar at Inle Princess Resort

Wine cellar at Inle Princess resort, Grand Lotus Tours



Your dinner will be served in a traditional wine cellar, surrounded by possibly the largest wine collection in Myanmar. Delicious food in a rich and exclusive setting, accompanied by a good wine of your choice.




Lunch Donation to 1,000 Monks

Monks during morning Alm Giving, Grand Lotus Tours


Since times immemorial, Buddhism and monks have been part of the social landscape of Myanmar. Monks rely on the generosity of the public for their meals and every morning parades of monks can be seen canvassing the neighborhoods to receive alms from every household. Tourists can also contribute by donating lunch for a number of monks, directly at the monastery. The donation follows a certain ritual and giving food to hundreds of monks certainly brings good karma.