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Grand Lotus Tours is a leading Destination Management travel agency for discerning travelers and 100% Myanmar citizen owned, non-government tour operator, run by enthusiastic experienced professionals.

We offer preset and custom-designed tours, specializing in personal service tailored according to the tastes and preferences of each individual client. Our approach to activities and visits is unregimented and flexible in order to perfectly suit your needs.

We can provide naturalists, historians or any other expert who can share their unique knowledge, thus enhancing the enjoyment of your trip.

Our objective is to take you on an unforgettable journey through Myanmar, whilst ensuring that you experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Grand Lotus Tours expert travel consultants ensure that all your needs are catered for, and provide you with personalized service that meets – or exceeds – all your expectations.

Our Commitment:

Our team will provide you with prompt and effective services at competitive prices. We understand that your vacation time is precious and we will create the perfect tour package to fit your needs and budget.

Grand Lotus Tours is a standing member of Pacific Asia Travel Association. Travelife Partner Certified.

Yangon office staff Grand Lotus Tours

Yangon Team

Head Office Management



Kyaw Swa Min Grand Lotus Tours CEO


Mr. Kyaw Swa Min, Managing Director

Kyaw Swa Min (Joe) was a tour guide for over 15 years and a recognized expert on the Bagan Archaeological Zone in Myanmar. He was raised in Bagan where his family owned a puppet theater where he would entertain visitors from around the world. He learned English and earned a degree in philosophy, then started his own guiding business and lacquerware art workshop. Kyaw Swa is renowned for treating his clients as friends, taking them to his favorite hideouts in Bagan, areas usually not found in guidebooks. He possesses a vast knowledge of Burmese archaeology, history, religion and art and is one of the country’s most successful guides. Kyaw Swa has traveled to several countries including the United States and he is the founder of Grand Lotus Tours along with some of his friends who are also well-known in the Myanmar Tourism industry.





Thaddée Sobolewski, Marketing director



Mr. Thaddée Sobolewski, Marketing Director

Thaddée  is Canadian and has been working in the travel industry for over 40 years. First and foremost, Thaddée is a man of the field, close to the customer experience. He has served as tour director and adventure guide on all continents, from Machu Picchu to Borobudur, the 5 Sacred Mountains of China, the Ancient city of Luxor or the small neighborhoods of Tokyo, not to mention having led several group tours to Myanmar since 2000. He speaks several languages and is an expert on classical ancient cultures. His vast knowledge of the industry and extended network of connections is an addition to our management team.




Aye Aye Aung, Grand Lotus Tours operations department


Ms. Aye Aye Aung, Operation Department

Aye Aye Aung is a senior in the operations department. Working at Grand Lotus Tours since 2009, she holds a degree in computer sciences from Yangon University. Her responsibilities include overseeing reservations at hotels, restaurants, transportation service providers and assigning local guides as well as preparing travel documents: itineraries, maps and travel vouchers for our clients. Aye Aye Aung is another reason why Grand Lotus Tours enjoys such a high rate of satisfaction.






Aye Aye Mon, Grand Lotus Tours sales director


Ms. Aye Aye Mon, Sales Director

Aye Mon has been working in tourism for about 10 years since she left school. She has a degree in Business Administration and a group diploma in Marketing Management, Sales and Customer Service. Getting to learn from the very beginning level has allowed her to know her trade inside out. Her passion for creating tailor-made itineraries to suit our clients’ expectations and requirements and arranging things in minute detail is a strength for the team. Aye Mon is a bottomless well of information.





Pyae Pyae, Grand Lotus Tours sales department



Ms. Pyae Phyo Thwe, Sales Department

Pyae Pyae is holding a degree in English literature. She is now learning Tourism Management for the qualification of ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management, UK). She has been working in the travel industry for 6 years. She was employed as Operation and Reservation Manager at a Japan tour company for 1.5 years before joining Grand Lotus Tours in 2012. She is mainly dealing with Asian and European tour operators and sometimes with recommended/repeat clients. She has been organizing tailor-made itineraries not only for many individual clients but also for a number of tour groups. She always treats all clients as VIP and takes very special care for important details such as their health concerns, food allergies, interests and special requests.





Aye Aye Htoo Myint, ticketing department



Ms. Aye Aye Htoo Myint, Ticketing Department

Aye Aye Htoo Myint works at the ticketing department. At Grand Lotus Tours since 2012, she is currently attending her 3rd year at English specialization through a distant education program from the Taungoo University. She takes care of domestic flights reservations and bookings using various airlines reservations systems, issues and reconfirms flight tickets. Always able to grab that last seat, she is a star!





Ma Kin Lay, Grand Lotus Tors reservations department manager


Ms. Ma Kin Lay, Reservation Manager

Ma Kin Lay is our reservations manager. She started with Grand Lotus Tours in 2009 and knows all the hoteliers on a first name basis. She has 3 fine ladies working with her and together, they handle all the relations with restaurants, hotels and other service providers and ensure that all files and dossiers are treated with proper attention to details, always with a special consideration for the guests’ particular tastes and interests.







Guide and Travel directors

Every traveler knows that a good guides makes a trip more enriching. All Grand Lotus programs are escorted by experienced and personable tour directors or guides. Their mission is to make sure your trip is enjoyable and runs smoothly. We also provide ground handling assistants at every port, airport or arrival point to provide extra care for clients. Our tour directors are full-time Grand Lotus Tours employees, not independent contractors. They were carefully hand-picked for their knowledge, service skills, tact and courtesy. Enhancing your happy memory of the trip is their number-one goal.

Bagan guides team, Grand Lotus Tours

Bagan Team

Mandalay guides team, Grand Lotus tours

Mandalay Team

Inle Lake guides team, Grand Lotus Tours












Inle Lake Team